Okay guys, lets get into this tinashe masterpiece she dropped for us, a pre-album you could say to her sophmore album, Nightride is something for everyone, personally i love touch pass and spacetime, but theres no skips here, she really did her thang on here, grab #nightride on itunes! 


Hi Guys! I was recently scrolling through Pause Online magazines IG feed (Which you should see for yourself) and saw a few posts where furr coats met champion brand hoodies, now i've seen this risky combo done on Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in the city, and fell in love with it instantly, fastward to late 2015-2016 you now see it girls like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna rocking the trend. I hooe these clippings can inspire you to do something similar, for some animal friendly fake furr options try and Puma's upcoming fenty collab (not sure if thats real furr though, bare with me) 

Side note: try wearing a sleeveless hoodie underneath to avoid the layering being so hot, try your local walmart for afordable layering options for sweatpants and for the ladies try 


Okay so i need to get this trend off my chest and into blog form because it's been in me for weeks now, I believe it was Justine Skye or Halley B. that made me love this trend that's been around for years now, but Reflective neon Sunglasses are my current obsession! Kim Kardashian recently took the trend to a shopping trip in Tornoto Canada pairing her celine "Mask" orange Reflective frames, Now Sold out, with a beautiful LaQuan smith skirt, as seen below. Get the Look for Less! not everyone can easily grab the $300-$500 frames we see on Celebrities all the time, but you can grab similar styles here at Gloss the label for under $25 as well sites like and your local mix and match your pair with various brands, personally i love dressing down (aka sweat suit sets cause you know a bitch hates wearing jeans) with some Bright colored reflective frames that are sure to draw attention. 

Kim wearing her Celine "mask" frames and a LaQuan smith skirt you can grab here  image source:

Kim wearing her Celine "mask" frames and a LaQuan smith skirt you can grab here

image source: